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Not sure where to start ?

You can fill the business canvas in any order but maybe you can try the following steps .. we added some short videos from entrepreneurship classes  that we think it might help :

0) Learn about  the Business Model Canvas if you are not familiar with it:

1) Start by making a first version of your business model. You can fill it in any order but I would suggest:

a) Customer Segments  and Value Propositions to each segment

videos: and

b) Chanels and Customer relations will you get keep and grow you customer base ?

videos: and
c) Revenue Streams ... how will you make money


d) Key Activities, Resources and Partnerships  ... what so you need to make your business work?

videos: and

e) Cost Structure

2) After you have a fist version you can try to make some projections... adding more details to the blocks that you introduced before:

a) Revenue Streams -> add a sales forecast
b) Costs Structure -> add cost projections
c) Customer Segments -> for each customer you make an estimate of the customer lifetime value (LTV) - how much profit one customer can bring  during its relationship with your company . You can compare this value with Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC ), that is you much you can afford to spend on acquiring one customer to have a viable business

3) After you have your projections its time to validate your assumptions can use the app to set goals and define tasks and experiments to put your idea in practice, for exemple:

- tasks in the customer segments block can be used to plan your customer interviews
- tasks in the value propositions block can be used to plan your product prototypes
- tasks in the channels block can be used to setup a landing page for your product, presence on social media, etc

and so on ... we do hope this helps ... please feel free to contact

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